CBR Arts Showcase

Canberra has a thriving local arts scene, made up of artists, arts workers and arts organisations that use their ideas and creativity to add colour, life and movement to our city.

At artsACT, we want to share the work of great artists and organisations in and from the Canberra Region. We are proud of the achievements of Canberra artists and want everyone to know what great things are happening in the Canberra Region arts landscape.

Read about some of our talented artists and organisations here:

The CBR Arts Showcase will tell the stories of artists and arts organisations funded by artsACT. We will regularly update the Showcase. If you or your organisation have been supported by artsACT and you would like to be featured on the CBR Arts Showcase, we would love to hear from you. Contact us via email: artsACT@act.gov.au.

John White and Takeyoshi Mitsui

Support our local artists this Christmas!

Want to know where you can go to find gifts and support local artists and makers this Christmas? Good news - we've got you covered.

By buying local, you’re helping to support local artists, organisations and the local economy, as well as giving someone an awesome, uniquely Canberra gift!

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Image: Harriet Schwarzrock, blown glass vases and spirals (various sizes and colours), from $120, photo courtesy of the Canberra Glassworks