Appeal for host families for 3rd Australian International Chopin Piano Competition, 10-17 September 2017

Want to experience the highs and lows, the nail biting excitement of an international piano competition from the inside — and without going overseas? Then become a host family to one of our competitor’s and together with your family see what happens from the inside!

Host families are critical to the success of the competition because they provide the competitor with a calm place, caring support, familiar face, outside the stresses of the competition. And a happy competitor competes to the best of their ability.

What is involved? Provide accommodation, meals, and transport to and from the ANU School of Music during the competition, competitors will have a daily schedule of practice or performance, and transport to and from their point of arrival and departure in Canberra. Competitors may arrive as early as 7 or 8 September, and will need to stay until at least 18 September, though if you are lucky enough to billet one of our laureates, they may need a few extra days in Canberra after the competition, so a commitment up to 20 of September would be appreciated. A piano in your home isn’t necessary because the pianists have a daily practice schedule on various grand pianos at the ANU School of Music.

What do you get for your generosity? Musically the opportunity to hear their repertoire up close and personal. Additionally you receive gratis two passes to the entire competition, which includes the opening recital and opening and closing receptions, as well as access to Friends areas during the Competition.

Contact Wanda Horky, Host Family Coordinator on 0438 195183 or by 24 July 2017.