Avarice or Gluttony. What’s your sin?

When: Closing date 23 April 2017
Cost: $12

The Stringybark Seven Deadly Sins Award is our second celebration of Pope Gregory I's attempt at categorising human frailties. He reckoned there were seven major sins: wrath, gluttony, lust, greed, pride, jealousy and sloth.  

Stringybark invites you to write a short story of up to 1500 words that addresses one (or more) of these sins in your story. This competition was last ran in 2012 and it led to a fabulous anthology of short stories published in The Seven Deadly Sins (2012). The Prize value for this competition is over $1000 in cash and books.

There is an entry fee of $12 – discounts for multiple entries. Closing date for entries is 23 April 2017.  

Details at:  http://www.stringybarkstories.net External Link