Canberra Youth Orchestra featuring Gabi Sultana in Australian premiere of Glass Concerto

When: 7:30pm, Saturday 24 June 2017

Where: Llewellyn Hall

In this second concert of CYO’s Llewellyn Hall series, internationally acclaimed soloist Gabi Sultana will join with the Orchestra in the Australian premiere of Philip Glass’ Tirol Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, a contemporary piece that perfectly captures Glass' iconic minimalist style.

Featuring a mesmerising second movement, akin to Glass' finest film scores, the Concerto culminates in a lively finale with darting rhythmic variations and exuberant ingenuity. The Tirol Concerto provides the perfect landscape for pianist Gabi Sultana, a favourite of the 2015 Canberra International Music Festival, to paint her love of contemporary repertoire.

CYO will also present Mahler’s colossal Symphony No. 1, Titan, marking 100 years since its composition. Acclaimed as one of the highlights of orchestral repertoire, and undoubtedly one of the most striking symphonies of the past century, the full power of CYO will be shown in this brilliant work.

For more information, visit the Music For Canberra website