Connections: Part One

Collaborations in Art and Science

Exhibition opening: 6pm Thursday 9 August

Exhibition dates: 4-25 August

Where: Megalo Print Studio + Gallery

Connections: Part One is an exploration of Art and Science through printmaking mediums.

This exhibition brings together 5 artists: UK Frederick; Ingeborg Hansen; Nicci Haynes; Anna Madeleine; and Erica Seccombe, who are at the beginning of new relationships and collaborations with scientific researchers. The work created for this exhibition is the experimental result of new conversations and observations, as artists and scientists consider how each search for new understandings of the world around us. Collaborative partners include: Stuart Ramsden, ANU VizLab, National Computational Infrastructure; Dr. Brad Tucker from the ANU Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Mt Stromlo; Australian National Insect Collection, Discovery Centre, CSIRO; Dr Julia Miller at ANU’s ARC Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language; The ARC Centre for All-Sky Astronomy in 3-Dimensions (ASTRO3D); The National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (CPAS), ANU.

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