Exciting Opportunity for drama teachers at Canberra Youth Theatre

Professional development for secondary school teachers to develop their Devising Theatre skills.

When: 5 and 12 April

Where: C Block Theatre, Gorman Arts Centre

Cost: $65

Canberra Youth Theatre produces three new works of theatre annually, along with creating over ten short performance works at the end of each semester in the Workshop Program. The technique used most predominantly to develop our work is a devising process in collaboration with our young artists.

Devising theatre is an incredibly satisfying way to work, enabling a freedom over the production of the work, particularly in terms of the intention. This lack of content and structure can feel daunting initially however and this devising intensive at CYT will provide teachers with a framework within which to work that will produce clear outcomes.

This intensive speaks directly to the BSSS unit, Devising an Ensemble Production, however it is suitable for teachers of all secondary levels.

Register through Canberra Youth Theatre's website.

Photo credit: Cathy Breen