If Art Could Talk

When: 19 August until 1 October 2017

Where: Suki and Hugh Gallery, Bungendore

Sydney based artist Ingrid Bowen will open a solo exhibition at Suki and Hugh Gallery from 3-5pm on 19 August 2017.

The exhibition entitled ‘Vast’ presents a series of whimsical watercolour landscapes that will resonate with viewers from our region. The paintings respond to a feeling of ‘exhaling’ or decompressing for the artist who describes a sense of release when driving away from urban centres.

‘I really love the air and the scenery of inland and alpine NSW. I'm happy to admit I'm a city girl but a country girl at heart. Nostalgia and connection to the country is an integral part of my practice, and in particular the emotional response we have when viewing or visiting particular landscapes.’ – Ingrid Bowen

As much as depicting the landscape, Bowen hopes that viewers identify with the works on a personal level.

‘I am always astounded by the personal coincidences and responses that crop up when I exhibit. I’m fascinated by the human elements and stories that emerge from landscapes’ – says Bowen.

The works have an impressionistic quality created through Bowen’s expressive use of white space and light wash. This contributes a dream-like, abstract quality to the images and allows viewers to imagine the places and ideas they express.

Lost in Fiction , watercolour, ink and acrylic copper paint on board, 570mm x 260mm, 2017