In these Hands: Mara Nyangangka

A touring group exhibition featuring the work of 22 Indigenous artists from Ernabella Arts.

When: until 30 June 2018

Where: Craft ACT

In these HANDS: Mara Nyangangka, Celebrating 70 years of Ernabella Arts, celebrates the fruits of a collaboration that took place 46 years ago between Australia's two oldest centres for craft and design: Sturt Gallery & Studios (1941) and Ernabella Arts (1948), featuring new paintings, ceramics, tjanpi weavings and punu from the artists of Ernabella.

To celebrate Ernabella’s 70th birthday, In These HANDS: Mara nyangangka tells the story of that residency, its impact on subsequent generations and offers a showcase of the contemporary work in painting, ceramics and tjanpi (native grass) weaving and punu (timber) work.
In These HANDS: Mara nyangangka will not only tell the historical story of the link between these two famous centres, it will celebrate the long tradition of craft and design in Australia while at the same time being testament to the positive collaboration and understanding between an Indigenous and non-Indigenous cultural institution sharing that same passion for 'making'.
“Together and separately, Sturt and Ernabella carry forward the stories, traditions and techniques of our crafts that have gone before and, despite the physical distance that separates us, it is no surprise to discover that we share the same passion as exciting contemporary centres of modern making” said Mark Viner, Head of Sturt.

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Image: Lynette Lewis in the Ernabella Arts ceramics studio. Photo by Rhett Hammerton, courtesy of the artist, Ernabella Arts, and Craft ACT.