Lights up on Red

Liz Lea's new one woman show exploring the coming of age through dance, film and fabulousness.

When: 8-11th March 2018

Where: QL2 Theatre, Gorman House Arts Centre

Cost: $20-$25

Red is fearless, Red is fierce, Red is powerful. Red is fraught and is broken, and is still running.
The language of body, movement, words and film. Red is an elusive, fractious and fabulous interdisciplinary performance, bringing on the bawdy and banishing the banal. Red challenges laughter, relief and tenacity. 
A tale told by one woman with a particular take on how time passes for us all. Let Liz Lea get you in touch with your mischievous self in this new and captivating work about the temporal workings of your own body.

Red is accompanied by a costume exhibition – 20:20 a retrospective includes 20 costumes from Lea’s repertoire over 20 years.

Photo courtesy of Nino Tamburri