New exhibitions opening at PhotoAccess

Two new bodies of work by Jason Wing and an exhibition of work by Talia Smith

When: 6pm Wednesday 27 June and continuing until Sunday 22 July

Where: PhotoAccess

Exhibition to be opened by Tina Baum, Larrakia/Wardaman/Karajarri peoples, Curator of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art, National Gallery of Australia.

PhotoAccess presents two separate bodies of work by Sydney-based artist Jason Wing. Brute Force >> Merge Sort and Ask Us What We Want explore issues of bi-cultural and Indigenous political identity, calling into question our understanding of history, our current socio-political reality and obsession with technology leading to data-led dehumanisation.

A Long Distance Relationship (One to Three), showcases video artworks paired with poetic writing that ruminates on distance in an attempt to make sense of the human condition by Sydney-based emerging artist Talia Smith.

For more information on the exhibitions visit the PhotoAccess website.

Image: Jason Wing, Brute Force >> Merge Sort, 2017, video still