Open Doors Open Minds - Share your stories

When: Until 13 October 2017
Cost: None

Open Doors Open Minds is a community education project designed to assist community organisations to become more accessible and inclusive to people with all kinds of disability, including mental ill-health. Rebus Theatre will develop an interactive theatre performance about where things can go wrong when people with disabilities want to participate in community organisations. By community organisations we mean everything from informal groups like book clubs, through to sporting organisations, arts organisations, faith groups, and large funded organisations.

This show will be performed around Canberra to have a dialogue about how community organisations and people with disabilities can improve access and inclusion.

To do this, we need to hear stories from people with disabilities or their carers about times you have tried to join, participate in or use the services of community organisations. We want to hear of barriers such as physical barriers; attitudes of staff, volunteers or members of an organisation; processes such as ways of contacting an organisation or timetabling. We are also interested in hearing of times when community organisations got things really right for you.

We also want to hear from staff, members and volunteers from community groups and organisations about challenges you have faced engaging people with disabilities, or barriers you may perceive as having prevented you from doing so.

We are also interested in hearing success stories about engagement with people with a disability.

This project is funded by the Australian Federal Government National Disability Insurance Agency's Information, Linkages and Capacity Building program.

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