SAGA SAGA: Imagination Time Machine

When: Opens 6pm, Wednesday 2 August until 20 August 2017

Where: ANCA Gallery

ANCA Gallery presents the second instalment to Heidi Lefebvre’s SAGA SAGA series, SAGA SAGA: Imagination Time Machine.

Lefebvre’s SAGA SAGA exhibition series speaks of the huge history of human experience and our need to record our ideas and theories. Lefebvre is fascinated by the way fact is mixed with fiction and now, more than ever, stories slip through cultures and epochs.

SAGA SAGA: The Vision Quest (Interlude Gallery, Sydney, July 2017) was part one of the series. It concentrates on the brutal and frightening reality of humans’ destructive power and self-obsession. In this exhibition Lefebvre assembled her own cast of gods and monsters: but humans remained the omnipotent force.

Part one, SAGA SAGA: The Vision Quest, was born from darkness. Part two, SAGA SAGA: Imagination Time Machine, at ANCA Gallery is born from light. This exhibition shines bright and buoyant. It drives the darkness of the gods and monsters to rest: or at least shoves them under the bed for the time being.

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Image: Heidi Lefebvre SAGA SAGA: The Vision Quest Apparel 2017