Hannah Bath, Karen Golland, Elly Kent, Heide Lefebvre, Rose Montebello and Ali Jane Smith, and Curated by Patsy Payne
When: Opens 6pm 28 February – 18 March 2018
Where: ANCA Gallery
Convened by Studio Auntara and curated by the influential Canberra artist and educator, Pasty Payne, Slideshow brings together five artists and a poet, each with unique, rich and diverse arts practices. Each artist’s work in the exhibition is a response to a series of travel slides found in a house sold as a deceased estate. The resulting artworks generate imagined histories and false memories as the holiday images of a strangers’ travels to Hong Kong, Japan and Indonesia in a bygone era are studied and reimagined.
Exhibited in a darkened space that harks back to slide shows of the past and the unique colour and light properties of photographic slides, the artists’ individual responses include a series of quatrains by Ali Jane Smith; delicately drawn paper dioramas by Heidi Lefebvre; a glowing, a pulsating crafted azalea garden and virtual reality experience by Karen Golland; a series of tiny gouache paintings conflating grand and petit narratives by Elly Kent; exquisitely observed drawings by Hannah Bath, recasting the original slide images on paper; and intricate photo collages deconstructing linear time by Rose Montebello.
In today's context of alternative facts, a world of information intended to distract us from what is “true, essential and urgent,” the catalyst for the Slideshow exhibition is collection of visual signs – vintage travel slides – that refer to meaning just beyond our experience. As the six artists respond to these images separated from their original history, they confabulate new meanings, modifying and adjusting the images through creative and intellectual responses. Further images of their works in progress can be found on Instagram @studio_auntara.
Public programs:
Saturday 4 March, 1:30pm, Poetry reading with Ali Jane Smith
Sunday 18 March, 2pm, Artist talk and catalogue launch.
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