Social Inclusion in the Arts: 2017 Plan

The Minister for the Arts and Community Events, Mr Gordon Ramsay MLA, has released the Social Inclusion in the Arts: 2017 Plan via a Ministerial Statement in the Legislative Assembly.

The ACT Government is committed to an inclusive community through creating opportunities for social inclusion for those who experience barriers to access. The 2015 ACT Arts Policy reflects this commitment in Principle 1: Participation and access to the arts.

Focusing on the arts as a tool for social inclusion can deliver benefits such as building confidence in children to participate in the arts and create a long term audience, share and develop new ideas, express meaning within communities and create a place to share cultural values, and bring wider communities together over a shared experience.

The Social Inclusion in the Arts: 2017 Plan tells some of the stories of what is currently happening within a selection of ACT arts organisations to promote social inclusion and accessibility and how organisations connect with communities and open their spaces to people who experience difficulty accessing the arts. The Plan also contains helpful hints for organisations when collecting qualitative and quantitative data.

The Sublimation Project by Daniel Savage web

Image from The Sublimation Project courtesy of Daniel Savage