Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters

When: 15 September 2017 to 25 February 2018

Where: National Museum of Australia

Immerse yourself in the epic saga of the Seven Sisters and take a journey into the heart of Australia. Intrigue, desire, drama, passion and beauty – connect with the songlines of the Seven Sisters.

This Aboriginal-led exhibition shares an ancient way of holding culture and telling stories written in the land. See the stories embedded in rock art inside a state-of-the-art digital dome, or visit the vibrant art centre hub where artists create works you can take home.

Don’t miss out — this exhibition is a journey like no other.

Book now (costs apply). For more information, visit the National Museum of Australia website

Seven Sisters rock art, permission of Walinynga (Cave Hill) custodians. Courtesy Sarah Kenderdine, Peter Morse and Paul Bourke.