The Architecture of Light

When: 18 August until 30 September 2018

Where: Suki and Hugh Gallery

Sydney artist Susie Dureau returns to Bungendore to open an exhibition of new works entitled The Architecture of Light. This body of work examines light as a subject and entity unto itself rather than an assumed component in the illumination of other subjects.

The much-anticipated show, which follows a sell-out exhibition with the gallery in 2016, sees Dureau expand on her well-established themes of light, the physical environment and the intangible.

“Light is not like clay, you can’t form it with the hands, you can’t carve it away like wood, or chip it away like stone. We use light to illuminate other things but… light is not so much something that reveals, as it is itself the revelation” James Turrell

At once the illuminated and the illuminator, light is implicit in all that we perceive. Giving form and colour to the world around us it enables us to visually apprehend our physical environments. However, as part of its complexity as a tangible entity, light needs those same landscapes to be seen.

‘The landscapes in this body of work provide the framework for the depiction of light. They are the architecture that holds this ephemeral thing and yet I implore the viewer to think about the materiality of light itself. And while the landscapes are rooted in Australia, the light knows no nationality. It moves freely through the atmosphere and across all the world’s geographies rendering the scenes universal.’ – Susie Dureau

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Image: Magna Anima, Susie Dureau, oil on linen, 180 x 180cm, 2018