The Poet's Guide to Science - A Sceptic Think Tank

A play weaving fiction and fact into a thought provoking discussion of dilemmas facing an educated individualist society

When: 7-9pm, Friday 24 August

Where: Smith's Alternative

Cost: $25 adults $20 students

Cy is facing a major crisis in his life. He’s thinking twice about genetic modification, immunisation and that old chestnut, how crazy the weather is these days. Who can he turn to? His family doctor? His local poet? He visits both but remains sceptical, and draws them into a quest to resolve the questions they can’t answer.

On their journey, they run headlong into scientific controversies of many kinds and encounter real live scientists who cast light on age-old questions of facts and data, truths and untruths, and the difference between uncertainty and doubt. Join geneticist Anne-Sophie Dielen, immunologist Henry Sutton and climate scientist Nerilie Abram as they try to help Cy, his doctor and his poet find the answers they’re looking for.

This play is born of a surprising collaboration between dastardly director Michele Conyngham, concerned communicator, Phil “PhD” Dooley, and thelf-thentred thespian Patrick Davies Trumper, The Poet’s Guide to Science is on for one night only at Smith’s Alternative.

Book early to ensure your spot at a truly original, thought-provoking and entertaining night.

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Image credit: Phil Up On Science