Urban Instabilities

Phil Page and Katie Hayne's paintings of Canberra's urban landscape an ANCA Gallery

When: Opens 6pm Wednesday 7 – 25 February 
Where: ANCA Gallery
Cost: Free

Urban Instabilities at ANCA Gallery is an exhibition of works by Phil Page and Katie Hayne that investigate the changes in Canberra’s urban landscape. Some works show the layers of change concurrently, others focus almost lyrically on what has gone or remains, and others incorporate what might have been.

Urban Instabilities is a timely exhibition as Canberra and other cities experience rapid and significant change to their urban landscape. With increasing high-density housing developments, an expanding suburban reach and the construction of Canberra’s light rail underway, Canberra’s urban landscape is altering. As familiar buildings and landscapes are erased and replaced with new constructions, it is easy to sense traces of the past. The paintings of Phil Page and Katie Hayne capture the complexities of a tension between the familiar and the unfamiliar as our urban environments are in flux. Their paintings in this exhibition complement each other to provide a rich snapshot of Canberra’s built environment.

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Image: Katie Hayne De Burgh Pair House series, Number 3, 2017 Oil on board 27.5cm x 35cm

Supported by artsACT