Volunteer Call Out: Enlighten 2018

In 2018 Enlighten will present a spectacular, site-specific performance directed by Cameron Menzies.

This yet to be created Outdoor Spectacle will feature a non-verbal theatrical story of existing music, circus performances, solo and choral voices, lighting and projection effects.

The Lake Burley Griffin project (yet to find its title) will be a collaboration with a creative team of professional artists in the industry and designate (local) community groups, individuals and organisations to be part of the creation and ultimately a part of the final performance outcomes.

Events ACT are seeking volunteers to be part of this special celebration of local community. Written and designed and tailored for and with the people of Canberra for Enlighten 2018.

Expressions of Interest are now open to community groups and non-professionals to volunteer to be part of this special project.

For more information on this creative volunteering opportunity, please visit the Enlighten website

Volunteer Expressions of Interest close 14 January 2018.