Key Arts Organisation Funding Guidelines - part 10

Accessibility and Diversity

The Government provides funding to KAOs to maximise community access to and engagement with the arts. Funding is on the basis of organisations continuing to deliver high quality arts activities and outcomes accessible to all members of the ACT community.

In 2015-2016 artsACT will develop an Accessibility Action Plan (AAP) to monitor progress towards access and inclusion for people with disability access needs.  

KAOs will be encouraged to development their own plans as a voluntary, proactive approach to making their facilities or events as accessible, welcoming and inclusive as possible.

Reporting Requirements

KAOs are expected to provide comprehensive, detailed and timely reporting through the annual acquittal and annual revised program and budget process, as outlined in the Deed of Grant. These reports provide critical information on the outcomes the organisation achieves against its business plan and the future directions of the organisation in the context of a changing environment.  Statistical data is also collected as part of these reporting requirements and provides the ACT Government with valuable information about the contribution that KAOs make to the local community and assists artsACT to promote the value of the arts to the ACT community.

The financial reports must include detailed income and expenditure statements as well as clearly and separately identifying the Government’s KAO funding.

All reports and applications to the category are submitted via artsACT's online grants management system, powered by Smarty Grants. Smarty Grants provides ease of access for users and enables artsACT to more efficiently collect and interpret data for the mutual benefit of government and funded organisations.

The organisation’s auditor must attend the annual general meeting to present and discuss the audited financial accounts. Their attendance should be noted in the acquittal report.

Any extension of reporting dates will need to be negotiated with artsACT prior to the submission date. Late or inadequate reporting may result in delays to funding payments. 

All formal correspondence regarding KAO funding is addressed to the Chair and must be presented to the board through the Chair. artsACT can only accept a response from the Chair, and not from organisational staff.

Acknowledgment of Funding

As a requirement of the Deed of Grant, KAOs must appropriately acknowledge ACT Government funding and support on all material (hard copy or electronic) including letterheads, websites, newsletters, media releases, advertisements, programs, broadcast emails, invitations and any other promotional material. Acknowledgment must be proportionate to the level of funding compared to other funding received.

Acknowledgement also needs to be made in formal speeches, such as at launches and openings, and in any media articles.

Acknowledgement must include the use of the ACT Government logo in conjunction with the words ‘Supported by the ACT Government’. Follow this link for more information about the requirement to acknowledge ACT Government support