Key Arts Organisation Funding Guidelines - part 11

Special Funding Conditions

artsACT reserves the right to make any special conditions of funding in the Deed of Grant including those that address board independence, conflicts of interests and/or preferential treatment, and/or to address any artistic or operational matter. All Deeds of Grant will include a special condition that no board member can be employed by the organisation.

On-Notice Provisions

An organisation in receipt of KAO funding may be placed ‘on notice’ where the Government considers it is not strongly meeting the criteria of the KAO funding category, or fulfilling the goals and key performance indicators outlined in the organisation’s business plan. An on-notice period will normally be for one year, and can be for six months depending on the circumstances, or until the expiry of the Deed of Grant. 

Organisations placed on notice will be provided with direction from artsACT on the outcomes the Government is seeking. Should the organisation not meet these outcomes within the notice period, KAO funding to the organisation will cease and the end of the relevant period.

Revocation of Funding

Funding may be revoked during the term of a Deed of Grant where:

  • an organisation breaches its Deed of Grant; 
  • an organisation does not substantially meet the outcomes and performance measures identified in the organisation’s business plan;
  • there has been a significant change in the activities/circumstances of the organisation; 
  • the organisation operates illegally, ceases to operate, or enters into liquidation or receivership; or 
  • the Government reduces or does not provide funding for the ACT Arts Fund. 

Where an organisation’s funding is revoked, depending on the circumstances, six months transitional funding may be offered or funding may cease immediately.

Referral of Applications

Where an application has not strongly addressed the assessment criteria and is not recommended for KAO funding artsACT may offer Program Funding.

Program Funding is available for up to two years to support arts organisations that provide a program of activity enabling the ACT community to have access to and engagement with the arts. Program Funding is intended to contribute to the costs of delivering a specific program rather that the total operational costs of the organisation.