Key Arts Organisation Funding Guidelines - part 2

Assessment Criteria

A detailed and strategic five-year business plan forms the basis of all applications to the KAO category and should include the information requested in the Business Plan Framework (see 'Business Plan Framework' section). The business plan must clearly address the following assessment criteria, which has been developed in the context of ACT arts policy:

  1. Contribution to the ACT’s critical arts infrastructure through provision of diverse high quality programs, services and facilities that are responsive to community needs and enable strong participation and access opportunities for the ACT community.
  2. Contribution to the artistic vibrancy and vitality of the ACT arts sector, demonstrated by programs and services that develop arts practices, encourage innovation, and foster creative thinking and collaboration.
  3. Demonstrated sustainable and sound financial position supported by a budget that represents value for money and includes a diversity of income sources.
  4. A board that provides strategic and expert governance and reflects a skill mix necessary to support the business of the organisation and should include appropriate representation in the key areas of management, business, finance, governance, law, and the arts.  The board is also the employing authority for the engagement of staff to deliver the artistic program.

Applications must also include a:

  • completed online application form;  
  • copy of the organisation’s most recent audited financial statements; and
  • URL for the organisation’s webpage.

Applicants may upload two items of support material that demonstrate the organisation's achievements and artistic output. Preferred file formats are: for text files (Word, PDF), for image files (JPEG, PNG), for audio files (MP3), and for video files (MP4). File sizes are limited to 25MB per attachment.