Key Arts Organisation Funding Guidelines - part 5

Funding Request

Applicants should note the ACT Arts Fund has limited funding and is highly competitive. The amount of funding requested should be commensurate with the benefit to the ACT community and the organisation’s artistic vibrancy and achievements, and administrative experience. 

KAOs are strongly encouraged to seek income from a variety of sources, both government and non-government. KAOs are expected to consider other funding opportunities and apply for Australian Government and/or other funding.

Where an applicant organisation has previously received or is receiving KAO funding, any increased funding request must be substantiated in detail, including a description of the benefits from the additional funding. If the increase in funding has a number of components, these need to be individually described in detail including separate budget amounts for each component and a description of the benefit of each new component. 

Applications must represent value for money in both the level of funding and quality of the outcomes to be achieved. Applicants cannot be guaranteed funding to the full amount requested or at the same level as any previous funding. artsACT may determine the level of funding, anticipating expected outcomes in accordance with the business plan. In this instance, if the full amount requested is not provided, the organisation will be requested to provide a revised business plan to reflect the agreed funding amount. Applicants should also note that there is no actual or implied guarantee of future funding after the expiration of any current funding.

Access to other artsACT Funding

It is expected that KAOs have budgeted for all program and administrative costs for the funding period. KAOs are not eligible to apply for other funding through the ACT Arts Fund during the funding term, unless otherwise advised by artsACT, for example, Arts Residencies ACT funding is open to KAOs. This is to ensure equitable access to funding for the community through the other categories of the ACT Arts Fund.

KAOs also need to be careful where Project funding applicants intend to access the programs or services of a KAO where the KAO is already core funded for this activity. KAOs should discuss related Project applications with artsACT for any clarification.