Community Arts and Cultural Development

Vision: Great community driven and engaging arts practice.

Community Arts and Cultural Development (CACD) funding program aims to foster and cultivate a vibrant community that values, explores and engages with the arts, and expresses its artistic interests and needs with confidence and purpose.

CACD responds to principle one of the 2015 ACT Arts Policy, recognising the importance of community engagement in arts and cultural activity, and replaces the Community Cultural Inclusion Program.

CACD supports long-term community arts and cultural development involving individuals, communities, artists, arts workers, and organisations working collaboratively to create great artwork and engaging arts experiences that result in positive change. It is administered and delivered through the Belconnen Arts Centre and the Tuggeranong Arts Centre, with the program enriching and engaging communities across the ACT.

CACD reflects the diversity of individuals and communities in the ACT. It supports a wide range of arts and cultural activities where artists and cultural practitioners work in partnership with individuals and communities making art for the purposes of artistic growth, positive change, and improved health and well-being.

Funding Aims and Outcomes

Aim - create collaborative opportunities for an artistically active and connected community

Outcomes for the community:

  • Access to high quality, inclusive arts programs created for, by and with the community that result in broader cultural, social outcomes and benefits; and
  • Connection across the community with individuals, communities and organisations through the arts.

Aim: build a network of professional artists who work effectively with the community to express a shared vision and develop artistic and creative skills and interests.

Outcomes for artists:

  • Development of artistic practice through working with communities including those with diverse social and cultural backgrounds;
  • Professional development, and exchange of knowledge, skills and experiences between artists, communities and organisations; and
  • Employment in the arts, cultural and community sectors.

Outcomes for arts organisations:

  • Recognition as active, vibrant arts centres for generating high quality, accessible community driven arts and cultural development programs;  
  • Sustainable partnerships and strategic alliances with funding and support leveraged through the centres; and
  •  ACT arts centres are recognised as leaders in community arts and cultural development.
Funding Arrangements

CACD funding is administered and delivered through the Belconnen Arts Centre (BAC) and the Tuggeranong Arts Centre (TAC). CACD funding may be used to:

  • employ artists and arts workers
  • facilitate sector development
  • deliver programs and projects
  • consult and engage
  • research and evaluate
  • administer programs and activities excluding auspice, hosting arrangements or management fees.
CACD Funding Expectations

To enable BAC and TAC to provide sustainable high quality and accessible programs and activities that strongly engages with the community, to plan and operate strategically and flexibly, build long term relationships, and attract and retain suitable staff.

It is expected CACD funding will support community based artistic planning and programming that address the CACD aims and objectives in addition to (or as part of) both centre’s core arts activity. It is not expected that funding is used to support one-off activities including an exhibition, event, or workshop, or other centre based activity unless it is part of the long-term engagement and delivery strategy under CACD.

Outreach activity (outside of the centres and in alternate spaces) is strongly encouraged as is the extension of the artistic programs, where possible and appropriate, through partner groups and organisations across the ACT.

CACD activities will be identifiable by demonstrating:

  • responsiveness to community needs and interests
  • engagement of professional artists and arts workers
  • positive artistic, cultural and social benefits
  • engagement with individuals and communities including those experiencing social and or cultural disadvantage
  • development of new and sustainable partnerships
  • research, evaluation and improvement
More Information

You can download the full PDF version of the document here:

ACT Community Arts and Cultural Development Funding GuidelinesPDF 

For more information on CACD activities, contact the Belconnen and Tuggeranong Arts Centres.

Belconnen Arts Centre External Link
118 Emu Bank, Belconnen, ACT, 2617
P: (02) 6173 3300

Tuggeranong Arts Centre External Link 
137 Reed Street, Greenway, ACT, 2901
P: (02) 6293 1443