Out of Round Funding

This category is now open.

Out of Round Funding is available for individual ACT artists to undertake significant interstate or overseas arts opportunities. The total available budget for Out of Round Funding for the 2017-18 financial year period is $25,000.

Out of Round Funding is limited and under high demand. Applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss their activity with artsACT staff prior to completing the application form.

Applications must strongly demonstrate against the assessment criteria, and will only be considered for funding when the activity extensively meets all requirements for this category.

The minimum funding request is $500 and the maximum $2,000. Funding support will be considered for direct costs, which may include a contribution towards travel, accommodation, and registration fees.

Out of Round Funding is not intended for project-based activities or programs normally considered through other categories of the ACT Arts Fund, for example, developing an exhibition or writing a manuscript.

Please read all the information below before starting an online application. After reading the information, if you have any questions please contact artsACT on (02) 62072384.

Eligibility requirements

An application will be eligible for assessment when all the following requirements are met:

  • The applicant is over the age of 18 and resides in the ACT. Where the artist lives in the area closely surrounding the ACT, they must strongly demonstrate an ACT-based arts practice as part of the application. For information on demonstrating an ACT-based arts practice, see the Information for Applicants page.
  • The activity is taking place at least six weeks after the application submission date.
  • The activity is taking place interstate or overseas.
  • The activity is an unexpected opportunity that could not reasonably have been planned for in advance.

Due to the high level of demand on the Out of Round category, funding is only available to individuals once every two years. If more than one application is submitted over a two-year period, an exceptional opportunity must be demonstrated.

An application will be ineligible and will not be assessed where:

  • The Out of Round Funding request exceeds $2,000.
  • The activity is associated with or a requirement of a course of study, or forms a part of any assessment at an educational or training institution.
  • Out of Round Funding is being used to purchase equipment and/or costs of material.
  • The applicant has an unacquitted ACT Arts Fund grant.
  • The applicant has not sufficiently demonstrated an ACT-based arts practice.

artsACT will not accept re-submitted applications.

Key Arts and Program funded organisations are not eligible to apply for other funding through the ACT Arts Fund, unless otherwise advised by artsACT.

How to Apply

Applications for Out of Round Funding are made online via this link https://artsact.smartygrants.com.au/ External Link and must be submitted at least six weeks before the start of the proposed activity.

Assessment Process

Out of Round Funding applications are assessed by artsACT staff against the following assessment questions.

  1. What is your activity? How will your activity be realised? Please include:  
    - your relevant experience
    - key people involved, if relevant
    - a timeline, and a budget identifying how the Out of Round Funding will be used
  2. What do you want your activity to achieve? Describe how or why it would be of significant benefit to your artistic or professional development. If more than one application is submitted over a two-year period, an exceptional opportunity must be demonstrated.
  3. Demonstrate why funding for this activity could not have been sought through the previous Project Funding round. (For example, if you are planning to attend an annually held conference, why is it not possible to attend in a future year).
Supporting Statements and Material

The assessment questions and budget section on the application form must be completed. A confirmation letter or support material substantiating the activity is required. Where applicable, the confirmation letter should be supplied by the organisation/individual offering the opportunity.

Quotes must be provided for all significant items of expenditure intended to be covered by the grant.

A maximum one-page curriculum vitae (CV) for the applicant and any other relevant parties must be included with your application. References and examples of artwork are not required for Out of Round Funding applications.

Receiving the grant

artsACT will notify you in writing of the outcome of your application generally within six weeks after it has been submitted.

If successful, you will receive a Deed of Grant confirming the funding amount and outlining the terms and conditions of the grant. Please read the Deed of Grant carefully as it contains information regarding your obligations for acknowledging ACT Government funding support and acquitting the grant.

Successful applicants should note in some cases it will not be possible to arrange payment of the grant until after the activity has commenced. For more information on receiving the grant including the payment process, please read the Information for Successful Applicants.

Acquitting the grant

The Deed of Grant requires all ACT Arts Fund grants to be acquitted. The information you provide in your acquittal report will contribute to artsACT's understanding and promotion of the arts in the ACT.

The acquittal report is your opportunity to evaluate your activity - what went well, what did you find challenging, what were the short term outcomes and what do you hope will be some of the long term outcomes? A minimum of one piece of support material is requested, such as a high quality image, review, or catalogue.

An acquittal form will be attached to your application, which can be accessed by logging in at https://artsact.smartygrants.com.au/ External Link

Acquittals are due within two months after the completion date of your activity. If you are concerned you may miss the deadline for your acquittal report, please contact artsACT in advance so a formal extension of your Deed of Grant can be considered.

Please note: Any applicant who has an overdue unacquitted grant through the ACT Arts Fund will be ineligible to apply for further funding. A history of late acquittals without due cause will be taken into consideration when assessing future applications.