Program Organisation Funding

The Program Organisation funding category is closed.

The ACT Government is undertaking a review of funding arrangements and is developing a new Arts Funding Plan. The Plan aims to include an overview of funding categories, support mechanisms and priorities, and aligns funding with the 2015 ACT Arts Policy. The following link provides more information on the Arts Funding Plan.

Any questions about Program Organisation funding or the Arts Funding Plan should be directed to Anne Robinson, Program Manager, on (02) 62072378.

Funding for one-off activities in 2018 is available through the Project Funding category, which closes on Monday 7 August 2017.


Program Organisation Funding is available to support arts organisations that provide a program of activity enabling the ACT community to have access to and engagement with the arts.

Organisations applying for Program Organisation Funding must have an established role in the ACT arts sector, be able to demonstrate a level of achievement in supporting, developing and advancing the arts and its audiences, and must present a quality program that meets a demonstrated need in the community.

Program Organisation Funding is available for up to two years.


Organisations applying for Program Organisation Funding must be ACT-based not-for-profit incorporated arts organisations. Program Organisation Funding supports organisations that provide an ongoing program of activity, not organisations that simply wish to offer a series of projects.

ACT Program Funded Organisations
More Information

For more information about the category, please refer to the following guidelines:

Program Organisation Funding Guidelines

Part 1. About the Category

Part 2. Assessment Process; Assessment Criteria

Part 3. Funding Request; Financial Position

Part 4. Operations; Governance

Part 5. Accessibility and Diversity

Part 6. Reporting Requirements; Acknowledgment of Funding

Part 7. Revocation of Funding

Follow this link for a copy of the Program Organisation Funding Guidelines PDF as a single PDF document (PDF 310KB)

For further information on the ACT Arts Fund, please contact artsACT on (02) 6207 2384 or email