Program Organisation Funding Guidelines - part 3

Funding Request

Applicants should note the ACT Arts Fund is highly competitive. Therefore, the amount of funding requested should be commensurate with the artistic and cultural benefit to the ACT community and the organisation’s artistic and administrative experience. 

Organisations are encouraged to seek income from a variety of sources, both government and non-government.  

Applications must represent value for money in both the level of funding and quality of the outcomes to be achieved. Where an applicant has previously received funding or is receiving funding, any increased funding request must be described and substantiated in detail, including a description of the benefits from the requested additional funding.

Organisations in receipt of Program funding are not generally eligible to apply for further funding through the ACT Arts Fund, except where specifically identified by artsACT e.g. ACT Residencies Program

Financial Position

Program funded organisations should have sound financial positions through responsible financial management. The ACT Government expects Program organisations to build and maintain reasonable cash reserves through end-of-year surpluses. Cash reserves can assist organisations in their long-term sustainability, support any unforeseen circumstances or to establish any new initiatives. The level of cash reserves should be relative to the nature of the organisation’s activities. A benchmark for cash reserves is the maintenance of a minimum of 10% of the annual gross income of the organisation.  

Program organisations are strongly advised to seek independent expert advice from a qualified accountant (either through the board or from co-opted advice) to ensure long term viability.