Program Organisation Funding Guidelines - part 4


The ACT Government provides funding to Program Organisations on the basis of clear benefits to the ACT community, particularly to maximise community access to and engagement with the arts. Funding is on the basis of organisations continuing to deliver high quality arts activities and outcomes accessible to members of the ACT community.


The ACT Government considers that strong governance of an organisation receiving public funds is essential to its sustainability and viability. The type of governance structure should be commensurate with the size and operations of the organisation. Appropriate governance requires a clear understanding of the role and responsibilities of the governing body. 

Collectively, individuals on the board should have a range of skills necessary to achieve the objectives of the organisation; these may include strategic governance, management, financial, legal, and artistic skills. Organisations should also consider the need for succession planning for their Boards.

Program organisations are responsible for meeting national best-practice standards for board governance and board-member conduct. Organisations should put measures in place to ensure that office bearers or other members do not and are not seen to unfairly influence or benefit from opportunities that may arise through their participation in decision making for the organisation.