Program Organisation Funding Guidelines - part 5

Reporting Requirements

Program funded organisations are expected to provide detailed and timely reporting through the annual acquittal and annual revised program and budget process, as outlined in the Deed of Grant. Late or inadequate reporting may result in delays to funding payment.

All formal correspondence regarding Program funding is addressed to the organisational chair or president. artsACT can only accept a response from the chair or president and not from organisational staff. 

Acknowledgment of Funding

As a requirement of the Deed of Grant, Program funded organisations must appropriately acknowledge ACT Government funding and support. ACT Government support must be acknowledged on all material (either hard copy or electronic), including websites, newsletters, media releases, advertisements, programs, broadcast emails, invitations and any other promotional material.

Acknowledgement must include the use of the ACT Government logo in conjunction with the words ‘Supported by the ACT Government’, and be proportionate to the ACT Government’s level of funding compared to other support received.

Acknowledgement also needs to be made in formal speeches, such as at launches and openings.

Follow this link for further information about acknowledging ACT Government support