Project Funding Guidelines: Activities not eligible for funding

The following activities are not eligible for funding:

  • activities that are associated with a course of study or form a part of any assessment at an educational or training institution
  • activities for or by government directorates, departments or agencies
  • awards and competition prizes
  • activities undertaken by a school, involving school children during school hours and/or activities that are a part of the school curriculum, or a part of a before or after school-based care program
  • retrospective activities
  • fundraising activities
  • any building works, including minor repairs, maintenance, relocation or refurbishment activities
  • office equipment including telephone, facsimile machines, photocopiers or other office furniture
  • computer hardware and/or software for general administration, promotional or communication purposes
Film projects

Applications seeking support for film projects must apply to ScreenACT External Link through its Screen Arts Fund. The Screen Arts Fund is part of the ACT Arts Fund and has been provided to ScreenACT to specifically support film/screen projects.

Applicants can not apply to both Project Funding and the Screen Arts Fund in the same year.  While artists may be involved in more than one project across Screen and Project funding, they can only be the signatory for one application in either the Project funding or Screen Arts funding.