Project Funding Guidelines: Auspiced applications

Applicants may have a legally constituted body, such as an incorporated organisation or company limited by guarantee, take responsibility for the funding. If entering an auspice arrangement, the application must include a written agreement between the applicant and the auspicing body detailing the financial, administrative and management responsibilities for the activity. The auspicing arrangement should also clearly articulate insurance arrangements and responsibilities and note that it does not create any employment arrangements between the parties.

An auspicing body may charge a fee for this service. This amount should be included in the budget as an actual expense or an in-kind contribution if the auspicing body is not charging for its services.

If the application is successful, the auspicing body signs the Deed of Grant, receives and administers the funding including the execution of contracts with all artists/employees. The applicant co-signs the Deed of Grant and is responsible for the acquittal of the funding, with financial input from the auspicing body.