General feedback - Project Funding

Each year the ACT Arts Fund Project Funding category is highly competitive and more applications are received than are able to be supported.

artsACT encourages all applicants to seek feedback, which can be arranged by contacting artsACT on 62072384 to organise a suitable time.

Review your application

It may be helpful to review your application. Visit the artsACT online grants portal External Link where you can log in using your email address and password to access previous online funding submissions.

When reviewing your application, consider the following questions.

  • Are the project outcomes clear and do they demonstrate artistic excellence and strong arts development? Some applications provide a lot of background detail but do not clearly explain the expected outcomes, in particular, how it is artistically exciting, challenging or innovative and how it would develop the artistic skills of the artist/s, organisation, or the ACT community.
  • Is the language used too technical or jargonistic? It is important to remember assessment panels are multi-artform and individual assessors may not be familiar with the language or techniques of your artform. Take care to explain your project simply and clearly.
  • Is the funding request appropriate? The panel will consider if the amount of funding requested is reasonable against a range of factors including the number of people involved, the experience of the artist/s, the complexity of the project and the outcomes to be achieved.
  • Is the budget correct and are quotes for major expenses provided? It should also be clear which project expenses will be supported by the ACT Arts Fund. Include your own contribution to the project including in-kind support.
  • Is the support material relevant to the application and of a high standard? While it is important to include confirmation from key personnel and some artform material, too many attachments may confuse the application and reduce the significance of the material.

artsACT also encourages artists to consider the ACT arts landscape and their place within it and recommends:

Consider applying in future rounds

It is a testament to the strength and diversity of the ACT arts landscape that each year there are more high quality applications to the Project Funding round than are able to be supported. If you were unsuccessful and wish to reapply, here are some tips to help prepare future applications.

  • Plan your project with plenty of time and understand what it is you are trying to achieve.
  • Consider whether some parts of your project can go ahead without funding and then apply for funding only for those parts that require financial assistance. Being your own backer demonstrates your commitment to the project and focuses your application.
  • Consider whether there are other artists/organisations who could be involved – applications that involve a number of partners are often stronger as they demonstrate an interest in and a commitment to your project by other people and organisations. Support may be financial or in-kind.
  • Spend time on your budget and collect all the necessary quotes and confirmations from artists, venues etc.
  • Develop a timeline for the project that includes major milestones.
  • Allow enough time to collect the support material, making sure it is relevant to your project and of a quality that best showcases your work.
  • Have an independent person read a draft application.
  • Contact other artists or arts organisations that may be of assistance.
  • Read all the funding guidelines and information provided by artsACT, attend the public information session that is held each year when the funding round opens, and contact artsACT to talk through your project.
  • Consider other ACT Government, Australian Government and philanthropic funding as well as crowd-funding as options. You will find some useful links here.
Look at the types of activity funded in previous years 

Follow this link for a list of previous funding recipients.