Project Funding Guidelines: Successful applicants, reporting and monitoring

Successful Applicants

Successful applicants will receive a letter with the Deed of Grant attached. The Deed represents artsACT’s contract with you and by signing and returning it you agree to the terms and conditions.

Payment of funding cannot be made until the deed and any conditions have been agreed and accepted by all relevant parties. Payments take at least one month from receipt of an invoice.

Standard funding conditions require you to:

  • deliver the project in accordance with your application
  • seek prior approval for making any material changes to a funded project, including, for example, changes in the budget, key creative personnel, venue, or start or end dates
  • respond to any requests for information from artsACT about the project or funding
  • satisfactorily account for how the funding is spent
  • comply with all applicable laws
  • acknowledge the ACT Government’s support in all material associated with the project including editorials/newspaper articles and in any speeches/events
  • provide artistic and financial acquittal reports at the end of the project
  • return any unspent funds at the completion of your project
Reporting and monitoring

Successful applicants will be required to provide an online acquittal report within two months of the end of the funding period. The reporting requirements will be outlined in the Deed of Grant.