Information for applicants: Before you begin

Before you begin:
  • Thoroughly read through the Project Funding Guidelines.
  • Attend the public Information Session.
  • Know your project and understand what you are trying to achieve.
  • Contact artsACT – Arts Support staff are available to help you on (02) 6207 2384.
  • Contact a relevant Key Arts Organisation or Program funded organisation if you require assistance in planning a project.
  • Capture the imagination of the panel with an exciting project backed up by high quality support material.
  • Understand that Project Funding is highly competitive. Approximately 30% of applications are able to be funded so the application needs to be exceptional.
  • Assume the panel does not know you or your work.
  • Use clear, concise, plain English.
  • Answer all the questions and use the word count given in the application form.
  • Be specific about how the project will take place. Include the planning process, timelines and the people involved.
  • Consider staging your project. It may not be possible to fund all aspects of a project in one year. Consider breaking large or complex projects into separate stages and applying for one stage at a time. Clearly explain this in your application.
  • Spend time on your budget – make sure the income, including the funding being requested, and expenditure are equal. The budget is an area where otherwise competitive applications are often let down. Include any explanatory detail on the budget, particularly for any large amounts.
  • Make sure your support material is relevant to your project, high quality, clearly labelled and in the format requested.
  • Ask someone with knowledge of funding applications or the arts sector to comment on your draft application.
  • Allow plenty of time to gather your support material and prepare and submit your application.