Information for applicants: Support material

Support material is critical. High quality, recent examples of your work or practice will showcase your expertise and may capture the panel’s interest. Other support material, such as CVs, letters of support, quotes, etc, can demonstrate good planning and project management.

All applicants must provide:

  • recent, high quality artform support material. Only choose material relevant to the activity you are proposing.
  • a current CV of no more than one page for each of the key artists/personnel involved with the project.
  • written confirmation of involvement by key parties. This includes correspondence confirming participation of key parties involved in the project including artists, venue/s, publishers, other collaborators and funding agencies. Where possible, letters of confirmation should confirm the role of the participant, their payment and the time frame of their involvement. It may also be helpful for the letter to include why the party is keen to be involved with you and/or your project.
  • letters confirming any sponsorship or other support (including in-kind support).

Where applicable you may also wish to attach:

  • letters of support - maximum of two and must be directly relevant to your project
  • relevant critical reviews of previous work
  • additional information e.g. marketing plan, detailed timeline, business plan
  • If you propose to work with a particular sector of the community, you must demonstrate their support in the application and include a letter of support

Projects that contain representations of Indigenous artistic and cultural practice, or intended outcomes relating to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander artists or communities, must provide letters from the relevant communities or artists. Letters must show clear evidence of support and agreement for the activities to take place.


Support material must be attached to your online application. Hardcopy support material will not be accepted.

To assist the panel, please label all attachments with names that clearly reflect the contents, e.g. ‘CV for Joe Bloggs’ and not ‘Document 1’.

The application form limits individual file attachments to 25MB. This size limit should be enough for any word files or documents that are scanned or saved as a PDF. It should also be sufficient for uploading audio (MP3) files and picture (JPEG or PNG) files. If you wish to attach a video file, this will need to be uploaded onto a video sharing site and an access link provided.

You may also provide web links if you have a website or material online. If you are directing assessors to a website, link directly to the material you want the panel to view. Panel members will not search websites for the support material. The relevant page/s need to remain static until the assessment process is complete.

Maximum artform support material limits
  • Images: maximum ten images, presented as a single PowerPoint or individual JPEG or PNG files.
  • Text and printed material: maximum ten pages, presented as a Word document or scanned and attached as a PDF. This material may include excerpts from a published work or script, a synopsis, critical reviews, etc.
  • Audio files: maximum three tracks, and not more than six minutes in total, provided in the MP3 format.
  • Video file: maximum three files, and not more than six minutes in total. Video support material is best provided as URL web links.

It is your responsibility to upload into the application form support material that is accessible to the panel. You should prepare and attach support material well in advance of the closing date to ensure there are no technical issues.

Remember, the amount of support material the panel will view is limited.