Sector Capacity Building

The ACT Government acknowledges there are other areas of support that are of significant benefit to the arts sector, in addition to funding.

The importance of capacity building has been raised by the sector through consultation on the arts funding plan and the ACT Arts Policy. Identified areas of support include skills and professional development for artists, and support for continuous improvement of arts organisations including for governance, strategic capacity and planning, change and risk management, and diversity. We are committed to providing this support.

In light of changes to funding categories and arrangements capacity building activities will initially be provided through assistance in grant writing, particularly for those members of the community who have not traditionally accessed support. These opportunities will be available from June 2018 to coincide with the opening of the new Arts Activities funding.

Support for organisations will be delivered through workshops and one-on-one sessions to build capacity in governance, strategic planning, change and risk management, diversity representation, and cultural awareness.

Following this initial program, artsACT will develop an Arts Capacity Building Strategy; informed by ongoing evaluation of activities for Canberra artists and organisations. This strategy will assist artsACT to determine the needs and priorities of arts development in Canberra into the future, to enhance vibrancy, professionalism and inclusion in the arts landscape.