Arts Residencies ACT: ACT Artists-in-Residence Policy


The ACT will be regarded nationally and internationally as home to a comprehensive program of highly regarded artist residencies.

  • Diversity: art form, practice, experience, and age
  • Engagement; of visiting artists with host arts organisations, the ACT’s environment and people, and Canberra’s public places
  • Exchange: across art forms, between visiting and local artists, visiting artists and the local community, and host arts organisations, cultural institutions and interstate/international arts organisations
Our Goals

1. Raise the profile of the ACT, making it a sought-after destination for artists

We will achieve this:

  • by aligning existing Artists-in-Residence programs and supporting the development of a variety of new residency opportunities for nationally and internationally recognised artists demonstrating an innovative and high-quality practice
  • by exploring options for partnerships with national and international organisations across government and non-government sectors
  • by creating a web portal co-ordinating information about a variety of residency opportunities across the ACT
  • through a co-ordinated marketing strategy profiling arts residency opportunities in conjunction with other stakeholders, including arts organisations
  • by ensuring future arts infrastructure plans include the provision of residency facilities, as appropriate
  • by profiling impressions of the ACT’s people and environment, as expressed through the work of resident artists

2. Provide increased opportunities for artistic engagement across the Canberra community

We will achieve this:

  • through program guidelines that encourage and support visiting artists to connect with the ACT community through workshops, forums and research
  • by exploring options for partnerships across a variety of spheres including the arts, education, science, and health
  • with partners including arts organisations, National Cultural Institutions, heritage sites, universities, and funding bodies
  • by linking visiting artists to host organisations, as appropriate
  • by profiling the outcomes of artist residencies in ACT galleries and performance spaces

3. Provide learning, professional development and networking opportunities that will inspire local artists

We will achieve this:

  • by pursuing opportunities for reciprocal arrangements with organisations offering arts residencies across Australia and internationally
  • by facilitating local artists to establish connections with peers and arts organisations interstate and internationally
  • through program guidelines that encourage hosting arrangements between local arts organisations and visiting artists
  • by encouraging artists-in-residence to engage with local arts organisations and the ACT community, creating connections and exchanging ideas

4. Create and cultivate relationships with international, national and local arts and cultural organisations

We will achieve this:

  • by being active in pursuing partnerships and co-operating with arts organisations, institutions, governments and funding bodies locally, nationally and internationally
  • by promoting residency and exchange opportunities directly to national and international arts and cultural organisations
  • by promoting a combination of both sponsored and unsponsored residency opportunities

You can download a PDF version of the Arts Residencies ACT: ACT Artists-in-Residence Policy (PDF 414KB) PDF

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