Arts Funding Plan

CBRarts Forum: Making CBRarts Happen (March 2016)

This forum enabled a broad discussion between government, organisations and individuals around the direct and indirect funding supports available to the Canberra arts sector. Discussions ranged from a consideration of priorities, to what is working and ideas for improvements, and identifying gaps in support. This discussion helped inform the development of an ACT Government Arts Funding Plan.

The Arts Funding Plan will: 

  • outline the goals and objective of the ACT Arts Fund, consistent with the ACT Arts Policy;
  • present new and renewed support mechanisms; and
  • summarise the purpose of individual funding categories and other assistance, and how they contribute to support ACT artists at all stages of their careers and facilitate development of the sector as a whole.

The background paper provides further context and posed some questions about the issues we would like to engage the community on. While the Forum Program provides an overview of how the Forum ran.

The Panel

As part of the CBRarts Forum: Making CBRarts Happen a panel of local and national experts discussed the future of arts funding. The Panel was facilitated by cultural strategist Cathy Hunt and included Marie-Louise Carroll, ACT-NSW State Director, Creative Partnerships Australia; Frank Panucci, Executive Director of Grants, Australia Council; and Adam Stankevicius, Arts and Events, ACT Government.

The panel discussion will be available on podcast shortly.

Summary Report

The Summary Report is now available.

Continuing the conversation on the future funding of CBRarts

You can follow the conversation about the ACT Government future Arts Funding Plan by using #CBRartshappen on Twitter, subscribing to artsACT eNews, or checking for updates on this website. We welcome your tweets, emails, mail or requests to meet with us, to put forward your views on the development of the Arts Funding Plan.

Feedback needs to be received by Friday 27 May 2016 to help us prepare for the next stage of the Arts Funding Plan's development.

Making CBRarts Happen