ACT Government Public Art Guidelines

The Public Art Guidelines outline a consistent approach to the commissioning, acquisition, donation and management of public art in the ACT.

The Guidelines aim to make the process of commissioning, acquiring and donating public art as straightforward and streamlined as possible for everyone involved. This aligns with the ACT Government’s focus on better connecting with small and large businesses, community groups and individuals.

The guidelines cover:

  • the commissioning or acquisition of public art by the ACT Government;
  • private sector art on ACT Government land;
  • donations of public art to the ACT Government and other gifts of cultural significance;
  • memorials with an artistic element;
  • temporary and community public artworks;
  • and helpful hints for privately owned public art on private land.

You can download the full PDF version of the document here:

2015 ACT Government Public Art Guidelines (PDF 1.4MB)PDF

The Other Side of Midnight by Anne Ross and The Canberra Times Fountain by Robert Woodward, corner of City Walk and Ainslie Avenue, Civic.