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Gathering Place Artist - Wellspring with Brian Carrick
Title - Gathering Place
Medium - Wood, stone, ceramic tiles and gravel
Location - Tuggeranong
Funded By -
Commissioned - 2001

Gathering Place
This work contributes to a recreational and ceremonial place that is intended to encourage a locally-focussed, ongoing process of reconciliation between Aboriginal and non–Aboriginal people in the region. The four poles in the centre of the work are aligned with cardinal points: Ngunnawal to the East; Coming Together to the South; Reconciliation to the West and the Future, crowned by a wedge tailed eagle, to the North.

Untitled - Koomari Pool Artist - Andrew Townsend and Suzie Bleach
Title - Untitled (Andrew Townsend and Suzie Bleach, 2000)
Medium -
Location - North Canberra
Funded By - Education and Training Directorate
Commissioned - 2000

Untitled (Andrew Townsend and Suzie Bleach, 2000)
Four large silhouettes are suspended above Koomari indoor pool: a person, a comet, a ring and a flower. The sculpture and its reflections create a unique experience for those that use the pool. The sculpture also works as a sound dampener in the pool area.

Commemoration 100 Artist - Malcolm Munro
Title - Commemoration
Medium - Painted steel
Location - Belconnen
Funded By -
Commissioned - 2000

This work is dedicated to the volunteers and torch bearers who contributed to the 2000 Olympic and Paralympic games in Canberra.

Civic Carousel 100 Artist - Herbert Thompson
Title - Civic Carousel
Medium - Timber and steel
Location - Civic
Funded By -
Commissioned - 2000

Civic Carousel
The Civic Carousel commenced operation at the St Kilda Esplanade in Melbourne in 1915. It was designed and built by Herbert Thompson, designer of Australia’s first successful motor car. The outside of the carousel roof is adorned with paintings of horses, elephants and tigers, whilst inside are paintings of more contemplative scenes.

Six Red Shoes small Artist - Sharon Peoples
Title - Six Red Shoes
Medium - Machine embroidered rayon on cotton with metal
Location - Civic
Funded By - Legislative Assembly Art Advisory Committee
Commissioned - 1999

Six Red Shoes
The inspiration for this work is the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen - The red shoes.

Untitled (Garema Place Screen) Artist - Keiko Amenomori-Schmeisser
Title - Untitled (Keiko Amenomori-Schmeisser, 1999)
Medium - Etched ink on screen
Location - Civic
Funded By -
Commissioned - 1999

Untitled (Keiko Amenomori-Schmeisser, 1999)
Keiko Amenomori-Schmeisser's etched ink design adds texture to the outdoor projection screen in Garema Place.

A_Site_Marker 100 Artist - Andrew Townsend and Suzie Bleach
Title - Narrabundah: A Site Marker
Medium - Wood and steel
Location - North Canberra
Funded By -
Commissioned - 1998

Narrabundah: A Site Marker
The artists have created an ambient seating area with mosaic like tile inserts and a metal weather vane of a hawk, the sun and the moon. The work refers to the suburb's name of 'Narrabundah' a local aboriginal name for 'small hawk'.

The View From Here Artist - David Watt
Title - The View From Here
Medium - Wood and acrylic paint
Location - Tuggeranong
Funded By -
Commissioned - 1998

The View From Here
The artist is renowned for a series of relief artworks redepicting illustrations from the ‘World Book of Knowledge'.

Fused Glass Artist - Klaus Moje
Title - Fused Glass
Medium - Fused glass
Location - Civic
Funded By -
Commissioned - 1998

Fused Glass
This work was designed for the ACT Legislative Assembly foyer. The artist states that "Colour is used as a universal language to convey a sense of energy and force associated with this place of decision making...." (Klaus Moje, 1998).

The Listening Tree small Artist - Bev Hogg
Title - The Listening Tree
Medium - Clay, slips and glaze
Location - Civic
Funded By - ACT Legislative Assembly
Commissioned - 1998

The Listening Tree
This artwork is from the collection of the ACT Legislative Assembly managed by the Speaker, and is available to the public when meeting with members of the Legislative Assembly, or by invitation.

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