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Sculptured Form Artist - Margel Hinder
Title - Sculptured Form
Medium - Aluminium
Location - Woden
Funded By - Urban use competition
Commissioned - 1970

Sculptured Form
This work was the winner of a competition that invited artists to represent the ‘metamorphosis of a typical natural Australian environment into complex development for urban use’. Hinder has created a commanding, beautifully fluid, plump work that belies its materials. By polishing the aluminum surface to a soft patina, and allowing it to bulge around the middle, the sculpture resembles a large soft heart, appearing to be made of several chambers but actually one connected and vital whole.

Untitled_S_Maritti 100 Artist - S Maritti
Title - Untitled (S Maritti, 1967)
Medium - Copper coated concrete (later painted)
Location - Civic
Funded By - Commonwealth Bank
Commissioned - 1967

Untitled (S Maritti, 1967)
This work is integrated with the building façade and was designed to complement the Commonwealth Bank building’s architecture.

Untitled 1965 Artist - Gerald and Margo Lewers
Title - Untitled (Gerald and Margo Lewers, 1965)
Medium - Four piece wall sculpture, cast copper
Location - Civic
Funded By - Australian Government
Commissioned - 1965

Untitled (Gerald and Margo Lewers, 1965)
The original maquette for this work was designed and fabricated by Gerald Lewers, and developed and executed by Margo Lewers after his death. This 17 metre long sculpture includes a fulcrum and two weights symbolizing the Reserve Bank’s role in balancing the economy.

Thespis Artist - Robert Cook
Title - Thespis
Medium - Bronze
Location - Civic
Funded By -
Acquired - 1965

This work has recently been relocated to the refurbished foyer of the Canberra Theatre Centre. Thespis was the legendary originator of Greek tragedy.

Untitled_Frank_Hinder 100 Artist - Frank Hinder
Title - Untitled (Frank Hinder, 1963)
Medium - Glass mosaic ceiling.
Location - Civic
Funded By -
On Loan - 1963

Untitled (Frank Hinder, 1963)
This work by the renowned modernist artist Frank Hinder is one of the most subtle artworks in the city centre. Created as part of the building, the vaulted tiled ceiling is a remarkable blend of form, tone and colour. Monaro Mall established this precinct as a hub of retail activity in Civic from the early 1960s.

Ethos Artist - Tom Bass
Title - Ethos
Medium - Copper
Location - Civic
Funded By - National Capital Development Commission and the Canberra Chamber of Commerce
Commissioned - 1961

Ethos was the first work of art commissioned by the National Capital Development Commission (NCDC) for a public place in Canberra and was co-sponsored by the Canberra Chamber of Commerce. The work is listed on the ACT Heritage Objects Register.

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