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small Alexander Artist - Anne Ross
Title - A is for Alexander B is for Bunyip C is for Canberra
Medium - Bronze, Stainless Steel, Glass, Light
Location - Gungahlin
Funded By - artsACT
Commissioned - 2011

A is for Alexander B is for Bunyip C is for Canberra
Alexander Bunyip is a character from the popular 1972 children's book, The Monster that Ate Canberra by author and illustrator, Michael Salmon. In what became a series of books the bunyip is portrayed as a bemused adventurer who comes up with some novel uses for Canberra’s iconic landmarks. Anne Ross playfully shows the bunyip with his trusty travel case in hand heading out from a day in the national triangle. Cast by Perrin Sculpture Foundry

small Winds of Light 01 Artist - Peter Blizzard
Title - Winds of Light
Medium - Steel, brass, aluminium
Location - Belconnen
Funded By - artsACT
Commissioned - 2011

Winds of Light
This sculpture is the last public artwork of the well known artist, Peter Blizzard. His practice was unique in his use of contrasting materials as an ongoing investigation into the relationship of nature to the human spirit. He believed that we should venerate and respect what we have. This work is the artist’s response to the effect that grandeur, colour, light, texture and form within the natural landscape have on the wellbeing of the human spirit.

small Owl Artist - Bruce Armstrong
Title - Owl
Medium - Cast composite, steel, hardwood, paint
Location - Belconnen
Funded By - artsACT
Commissioned - 2011

This landmark sculpture honours the Powerful Owl, Ninox strenua, which is the largest owl species in Australasia. The owl is classified as an occasional resident to the ACT and has been sighted in the Australian National Botanic Gardens, Canberra Nature Park and Namadgi National Park. The owl has a commanding and enigmatic presence when encountered in the wild. The artist has portrayed the owl as a guardian spirit or totem overlooking its domain.

Tree of Knowledge Artist - Peter Latona
Title - Tree of Knowledge
Medium - Bronze, stone
Location - South Canberra
Funded By - Territory and Municipal Services
Commissioned - 2010

Tree of Knowledge
This sculpture honours Australian writers and the part played by landscape in our literature. The streets of Garran are named after Australian writers and members of the Garran family. Local stone forms the base of this cast bronze sculpture which reflects playfully on relationships between human knowledge and our native landscape.

Confucius Artist - Jiaxiang Stone Carving Studio of Shandong (山東嘉祥杏花石雕厂) Established 1910
Title - Statue of Confucius
Medium - Limestone
Location - North Canberra
Funded By - Australian Confucius Research Society
Commissioned - 2010

Statue of Confucius
Confucius, a Chinese philosopher and teacher who lived in fifth century BC, has had a profound influence on Chinese culture and thought. This sculpture was carved in the birth place of Confucius, Qufu, Shandong Province, China. The sculpture was gifted to the people of Canberra by the Australian Confucius Research Society in association with the Canberra Chinese Community Preparatory Committee of the Statue of Confucius to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the signing of the Sister City Agreement between Canberra and Beijing.

Life Cycle Artist - David Jensz
Title - Life Cycle
Medium - Stainless steel, stone
Location - Civic
Funded By - Territory and Municipal Services
Commissioned - 2010

Life Cycle
Life Cycle employs the basic materials of stone and steel to create a form that is both supple and organic. The double spiral of tightly packed stones is a visual metaphor for a life crammed full of experience. Through his work the sculptor uses elemental materials and abstract geometry to explore spiritual and cosmic concepts.

Wide_Brown_Land 100 Artist - Marcus Tatton, Futago and Chris Viney
Title - wide brown land
Medium - Corten Steel
Location - South Canberra
Funded By - artsACT
Commissioned - 2010

wide brown land
This artwork celebrates Dorothea Mackellar's popular Australian poem My Country which was written in 1908. The sculptural forms that make up the work are inspired by the cursive style of Mackellar's own hand-writing. The artwork frames a wide vista that stretches across the National Arboretum Canberra to the hills that mark Canberra's western and southern boundaries.

Woden Flood Memorial 100 Artist - Neil Hobbs and Ian Marr
Title - Woden Flood Memorial
Medium - Carved stone and landscaping
Location - Woden
Funded By - artsACT
Commissioned - 2010

Woden Flood Memorial
The memorial is dedicated to the memory of seven young people, including four children, who lost their lives in the Woden Floods on Australia Day 1971.

Touching Lightly Artist - Warren Langley
Title - Touching Lightly
Medium - Glass, Steel, Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
Location - South Canberra
Funded By - ACTEWAGL and the Land Development Agency
Commissioned - 2010

Touching Lightly
Touching Lightly was funded in partnership by the ACT Government, ActewAGL and the ACTEW Corporation and the Land Development Agency.

Toku Artist - Shinki Kato
Title - Toku
Medium - Steel, granite, mirror
Location - South Canberra
Funded By - ACT Government
Commissioned - 2010

The ACT Government commissioned Toku by Japanese artist Shinki Kato to celebrate the 1300th anniversary of Japan’s ancient capital, Nara.

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