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Royal Military College

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The sculpture was a gift to the Royal Military College by the Class of 61 on the occasion in 2011 of their fiftieth anniversary and the centenary of the College.

The ACT Government also contributed $10,000 from the ACT Government Public Art Program towards this sculpture.

The statue is a sculpture of a cadet on Defaulters Parade, dressed in marching order, carrying the rifle at the slope. The rifle, dress and equipment reveal the legacy of the 1939–1945 and Korean Wars and the focus of Duntroon on training infantry platoon commanders. It is the dress that the "Class of 61 " remembers well. They preferred the cadet having just stepped off following a “quick march” order—symbolising his advance to the future.

The statue was unveiled by Lieutenant General David Morrison, AO, Chief of Army, on Tuesday 13 December 2011.

Dorothea Saaghy
On The Square, 2011
Staff Cadet Avenue, Royal Military College, site adjacent to Cork Block, Campbell