Our Staff


Sam Tyler
Phone: 02 6205 4365
Email: Sam.Tyler@act.gov.au

Business Support

Responsible for the financial management of artsACT, coordinating artsACT's reporting requirements and providing support to the Director.

Michelle Kidd, Business Manager
Phone: 02 6205 8675
Email: Michelle.Kidd@act.gov.au

Yasmin Simic, Executive Assistant and Business Support
Phone: 02 6207 2384
Email: Yasmin.Simic@act.gov.au

Arts Policy

Responsible for policy, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander engagement, managing the ACT's involvement in the meetings of Cultural Ministers and National Local Government Cultural Forum, communications, research and development and international engagement.

Mia Ching, Senior Policy Officer
Phone: 02 6207 6660
Email: Mia.Ching@act.gov.au

Clair Reidy, Acting Senior Arts Officer
Phone: 02 6205 2837
Email: Clair.Reidy@act.gov.au

Brenda Gifford, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Officer
Phone: 02 6205 3050
Email: Brenda.Gifford@act.gov.au

Arts Support

Responsible for the administration of arts funding programs for the ACT Government including funding to 26 arts organisations through Key Arts Organisation funding and Program Organisation funding, Project Funding and a range of arts initiatives including arts residencies.

Robert Piani, Arts Support Manager
Phone: 02 6207 2381
Email: Robert.Piani@act.gov.au

Jenny Spear, Program Manager Key Arts Organisations
Phone: 02 6205 0589
Email: Jenny.Spear@act.gov.au

Anne Robinson, Program Manager Arts Activities
Phone: 02 6207 2378
Email: AnneK.Robinson@act.gov.au

Yolande Norris, Arts Support Program Officer
Phone: 02 6207 2379
Email: Yolande.Norris@act.gov.au

Arts Infrastructure and Public Art

Responsible for the delivery and management of arts infrastructure projects, public art and arts facilities.

Libby Gordon, Arts Infrastructure and Public Art Manager
Phone: 02 6205 5468
Email: Libby.Gordon@act.gov.au

Angie McDuff,  Project Officer Public Art
Phone: 02 6207 2380
Email: Angie.McDuff@act.gov.au

Jacqui Vardos, Arts Facilities Assets Project Officer
Phone: 02 6207 2390
Email: Jacqui.Vardos@act.gov.au

Jen Collins, Project Officer Arts Infrastructure
Phone: 02 6205 4001
Email: Jen.Collins@act.gov.au