Arts Residencies ACT

Arts Residencies ACT


The Arts Residencies ACT program is a key initiative of the ACT Government’s ACT Artists-in-Residence Policy. The policy outlines a vision of Canberra as a sought after destination for artists.

The Arts Residencies ACT program provides funding to support ACT organisations to provide residency opportunities. Funded residencies support visiting artists from interstate or overseas to spend time in Canberra, work in a new environment and to engage with ACT artists and organisations and the wider community.

Applications must demonstrate an understanding of an artist’s requirements and the outcomes expected of an arts residency. The selection process for, or nomination of, the artist is managed by the organisation. Partnership development is encouraged, and community and arts sector engagement with the artist is expected. Funding can be used towards the costs of travel, accommodation, studio expenses, a stipend for the artist and the administration and promotion of the residency. Applicants are encouraged to seek additional funding sources or provide an in-kind and/or financial contribution.

More Information

To find out more about Arts Residencies ACT, including the Artists-in-Residence Toolkit and previous funding recipients, click here

Dante Marioni at The Glassworks

Dante Marioni at the Canberra Glassworks