HOMEFRONT - funding for Canberra artists

HOMEFRONT Funding Recipients

The Homefront funding round was developed to support individual artists in response to the impact of COVID-19 on the arts sector. Over 370 applications were received and funding of up to $10,000 per artist will be provided to the 66 successful recipients.

This funding will support activities such as research and development, making of new works or sharing of works via online platforms, and artists fees and living expenses to undertake arts activities.

ApplicantGrant purposeAmount
Helen Aitken-KuhnenResearch and create new enamelled pieces for an upcoming travelling exhibition$8,000
Joel Arthur Generating digital artwork from two dimensional paintings for online viewing$5,000
Che Baker Developing a feature film and documentation$10,000
Daniel BeckerProduction of a comic series ‘Master and Apprentice’$6,000
Jordan Best Developing new theatre works$6,000
Jack BiilmannRecording a new album $8,332
Larry Brandy Traditional Aboriginal storytelling online$8,000
Phoebe Breen Create new functional pottery$10,000
Liam Budge Skills development and mentorship$5,489
Nicholas ByrneGrowing Global - developing best world practice$10,000
Christopher Carroll Develop the script for an original play, ‘Smokescreen’$10,000
Liz CoatsResearch developments in plant-based colours for new paintings$5,000
Judith CrispinTo complete the first draft of a new verse novel$10,000
Charlotte CrossfieldDeveloping a new theatre work ‘But don’t you all eat dog?’$4,500
Louise CurhamDeveloping film/digital projects including ‘Diary Film’ and ‘The People's Map of West Kambah’$6,700
Nick DelatovicDevelopment of a feature film script ‘Darkest’ with a professional film producer$4,800
Ben DrysdaleWriting and producing music for synchronisation licensing$8,295
Daniel EdwardsStudio experimentation in community programs via online platforms$8,297
Eleanor EvansDevelop an animated music video$5,000
Mimi FairallA memoir style zine about being a young artist and the life events in between$2,500
Geoff Farquhar-StillResearch and development of wall mounted kinetic artworks for exhibition$10,000
Ngaio Fitzpatrick Research and development of a body of work for national and international exhibition$10,000
Cathy FranziNew research into printmaking approaches applied to ceramics $10,000
Irma GoldComplete the second draft of a novel ‘Ways to Get Lost’$9,555
Jessica HaasWriting, recording and music production skills for ‘Pheno’$6,500
Marie HagertyProduce new Giclee prints in collaboration with 'Bytes 'N Colours' for exhibition at Nancy Sever Gallery$10,000
Chris HarfordResearch and development of distinctive ceramic tableware and market through a new website$10,000
Samantha HawkerCreate new video work ‘Axidant’ as part of the Dysfunctional landscape series$3,850
Nicci HaynesCreate an animation for online exhibition and future performance and video work$5,000
Jessica HerringtonExploring social connections through networked AR and VR$6,000
(Jo)Hanna Hoyne Skills development, studio work in sculptural treatments and online capacity$10,000
Georgina JenkinsWrite the 2nd and 3rd draft feature screenplay of ‘Blackbird’$10,000
Sonja Kama‘Capital mums’: The untold stories of multicultural motherhood in Canberra$9,880
Daniel KirklandMixing and mastering a debut EP$6,380
Pablo LatonaResearch and develop new performance works $10,000
Liz LeaAuslan and audio description training$7,000
Joanne LeongDevelopment of new sound works and VR videos$1,500
Guy LilleymanTo record new music works$8,550
Janet LongMake a new body of sculptural works and drawings for artist book$7,000
Antonia LosannoWrite a new book ‘The Good, The Bad and The Elderly’$10,000
Dan MaginnityStudio based production and capacity building $10,000
Sally MarettMixing, mastering and release of an EP ‘MarĂ©t’$10,000
Marisa MartinIllustration of a new graphic novel$10,000
Musonga MbogoThe development of new visual art works$3,500
Andrew McMillanWrite and produce a new music album$5,000
Tim NapperCompletion of a debut novel ‘Howling Metal’$8,000
Kristina NeumannDevelopment of new contemporary jewellery works$10,000
Lan Nguyen-hoanResearch and develop new photomedia landscape works ‘Shifting Viewpoints’ $6,000
Ruth O'BrienTo write and record a CD ‘Songs for Abby’$10,000
Kofi Owusu-AnsahCompleting a debut album for tour ready$8,000
Jennifer PinkertonResearch and writing for non-fiction book ‘Heartland’$8,800
Alexander RaupachCreative development of new music with a mentor$6,030
Lisa RichardsMusic production and recording of new songs with a producer mentor$9,720
Eugene RobertsonRecording a new WE ‘Isolation blues’$9,000
Dionisia SalasStudio research on relationship of painting to print$8,000
Lisa SammutSkills development and new work in digital illustration and printing, and online presentation$10,000
Rebecca SelleckResearch and creation of new visual art work referencing isolation and the environment$10,000
John SharkeyRecording new solo album$10,000
Emily SheehanDevelop new theatre script ‘Monument’$6,375
Kirri SollisPreparing material for a recording of solo flute works$3,500
Genevieve SwiftePurchase of drawing materials for new works and online presentation$3,000
Yusuke TakemuraThe material and methodological investigations for the development of new sculptural works$5,500
Dylan Van Den BergTo research and develop a new Indigenous play 'Apprehended'$7,457
Kimmo VennonenResearch and development in new soundscape works$4,576
Tom WoodwardSkills development, recording of new EP and online presence $10,000
Narelle ZellerSkills development and create new oil portrait works $8,000


The ACT Government recognises the immediate support needed for Canberra artists who have lost their income and ability to maintain their arts practice as a result of COVID-19.

As part of a whole of Government response to the impacts of COVID-19, funding of up to $10,000 per artist will be available for Canberra artists to support arts development and the sustainability of their arts practices over the next 6-9 months. This is across all artforms including screen artists. This includes research and development, making of new works or sharing of works via online platforms, and artists fees and living expenses to undertake arts activities. Artists may also apply for the creation and development of works to be exhibited or performed in public venues in the future, when it becomes safe to undertake these activities.

A total of $500,000 will be available. Applicants will need to provide:

Applications opened on 30 March 2020 and closed on 17 April 2020 at 5pm.

Announcements on successful recipients will be made approximately 1 May 2020.

Assessment criteria

Applications will be assessed by artsACT using a three-person moderated process which is currently used for the up to $5k Activities Funding. Assessment will focus on the below funding aims, as per our current guidelines.

Arts Development


Arts Participation and Access

Engages the community:

Arts Opportunities


Note: Successful recipients will remain eligible for existing Arts Activities Funding.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much funding is available in this funding round?

The total amount of funding available is $500,000.

Will HOMEFRONT funding affect other funding rounds, including Arts Activities Up to $5K and $5-50K rounds?

No, HOMEFRONT funding is separate from other Arts Activities funding categories, and will not affect the availability of funding for these categories.

What is the purpose of HOMEFRONT funding?

This new initiative is to provide support for Canberra artists who have lost their income and ability to maintain or carry out their arts practice as a result of COVID-19 pandemic.

How much is available per activity?

Individual artists can apply for up to $10,000 of funding.

What artforms are included?

Funding of up to $10,000 per application is available through HOMEFRONT across all artforms, including screen artists.

Is funding available to NSW artists that live near Canberra?

Individual artists who reside in Canberra are the priority for this initiative, although artists who do not reside in Canberra and live in the immediate Canberra region can also apply. To be considered for HOMEFRONT funding, you must provide strong and historical evidence that your practice is primarily based in Canberra and that you consistently promote yourself as a Canberra artist.

What can I apply for?

HOMEFRONT is designed to support Canberra artists to continue to develop and sustain their practice over the next six to nine months.

Funding can be used to support artists fees and living expenses to undertake research and development, making of new works or sharing of works via online platforms, and can include other costs to undertake your activity.

Activities may also include the creation and development of works to be exhibited or performed in public venues in the future, when it becomes safe to undertake these activities.

How long will HOMEFRONT applications remain open?

Applications for funding will open on 30 March and close on 17 April 2020 at 5pm.

How will applications be assessed?

HOMEFRONT applications for funding will be assessed internally by three artsACT officers.

Can partnerships, groups and organisations apply?

HOMEFRONT funding eligibility is limited to individual artists. However, partnerships, groups and organisations who do not currently receive organisational funding through artsACT are eligible to apply through Arts Activities funding rounds as available.

Are there restrictions on applying to both HOMEFRONT and Arts Activities funding?

No, however applicants should be mindful that the focus of the two funding categories is different. If an artist applies for funding in both categories, the application and arts outcome must be different.

When does the next Arts Activities funding round open?

The next round of 5-50K Arts Activities funding round will open for applications on 1 June and close on  31 July, 2020.

What if I am uncomfortable or have difficulties submitting a written application for HOMEFRONT?

If you prefer, you can submit a video or audio artist statement instead of a written statement in the HOMEFRONT application form.

Acquittal Process

All recipients will be required to provide an acquittal by 30 January 2021 with an information report on how the money supported their arts practice, what the artistic outcome was and how the funding was expended.

artsACT will keep in contact with funding recipients to check how the process is going and whether any additional non-financial support is required.

For any enquiries related to this new funding, please call artsACT on (02) 6207 2384.

For media enquiries, please email CMTEDDMedia@act.gov.au

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