Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together some information about Kingston Arts Precinct based on questions we've been asked. If you've got a question that's not answered below, or you'd like to find out more, send us an email.

We will add to this section as the project progresses and more decisions are made.

Project Progress

Where is the Kingston Arts Precinct located? And how big is the development?

What were the recent negotiations about? What decisions did the ACT Government make?

How much will the Kingston Arts Precinct cost?

When will it be finished?

Project Management

Who is managing the Kingston Arts Precinct Project?

Will there be assistance with relocation costs for the resident arts organisations?

Why would you consider Geocon for this project considering the type of advertising they have been using around Canberra?


Can the arts sector provide input to the design?


Will parking in the area be affected during construction?

Will parking be free? What will parking be like for artists, staff and volunteers of organisations?

Management and Governance

Who will manage the Kingston Arts Precinct when it’s finished?

Will the resident organisations retain their own identity?

Programming and Precinct use

Is there space for art forms other than visual arts?

What opportunities exist for artists and organisations outside of the tenants?

What are you doing to ensure affordability of the facilities for artists?

Is there ongoing program funding to support Kingston Arts Precinct?

Will there be spaces available for hire including studios?

Will there be a balance between public access and private space for Kingston Arts Precinct based artists and arts workers?

Existing Arts Facilities

How will you ensure the rest of the arts sector continues to be supported?

What is happening to vacated premises when organisations move to Kingston Arts Precinct?

What will happen to existing buildings in the precinct?

Development Design

What will the precinct look like? Which arts organisations will move there?

Have arts organisations been involved in the development so far?

What measures are being taken to ensure the Precinct is physically accessible?

Will there be public art?

How will you ensure longevity of the precinct through the design? Is it going to be too purpose built and therefore not usable by potential future resident organisations?

More information

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