PhotoAccess: Community outreach

Through their community outreach program, PhotoAccess partners with community groups to run projects that are tailored to a particular group of people. In 2016 PhotoAccess partnered with a number of organisations to deliver specific programs. They partnered with the Domestic Violence Crisis Service to deliver a digital storytelling project for women who have experienced domestic violence and family violence. They also ran a digital storytelling project with Woden Community Service for The Big Issue Vendors. They ran point, shoot and self-publish programs with BAC in their Ignite program for people experiencing disability, and Blue Gum Community School for students in The Big Picture program.

In 2017 PhotoAccess will partner with the Yuruana Centre at Canberra Institute of Technology, ACT Deafness Resource Centre, BAC, and Belconnen Community Service. PhotoAccess will also be working on a radio series on photography with ArtSound FM specifically designed for ArtSound’s Silver Memories program and people with restricted access to social services and entertainment. PhotoAccess also has a long history of supporting Indigenous artists through their Indigenous Photomedia Artists Program, which supports one or more Indigenous artists each year to exhibit work in the Huw Davies Gallery. The exhibition coincides with NAIDOC week.