The Sublimation Project - Experimental Arts Accessibility

The Sublimation Project was programmed as part of the You Are Here Festival in 2017. The project saw four artists who were already involved in the festival paired with another artist chosen by Daniel Savage, the artist running the project. The chosen artists were asked to translate the works and performances they were paired with into a different medium creating a new work that involved a different sensory experience. For example a sight piece into sound or 2D into physical tactile piece. The project aimed to recreate art works from their first medium that may not be accessible for someone with a disability, to another medium that could provide a similar experience using a different sense. The project also aimed to create something that was interesting for someone who experiences both senses resulting in a work that engages all audiences regardless of ability.

The work demonstrated how people engage with the world differently, but can have similar experiences. It also aimed to give the audience a way to understand how someone experiences senses in isolation. The project had three major goals. The first goal was for the audience to experience and think about accessibility issues beyond their own capabilities. Second, to expose artists to different ideas, and to think about their own practice at the development stages in terms of how it is accessible to people with mixed abilities. Finally, to test an experimental new way of making arts and arts events more accessible to people with disabilities.

Image courtesy of Daniel Savage