Tuggeranong Arts Centre: Urban Arts and Local Identity Projects

For 25 years the Tuggeranong Community Arts Association has run inspired artistic programs and events, which have focused on participation, inclusion and accessibility, and helped shape a sense of pride in the community that we are today.

From A to B and Back again

Artists: Clare Thackaway, Peter Vandermark, Lucy Irvine- curated and coordinated by Sara D’Állessandro

Continuing the work with community groups in Tuggeranong remains at the heart of the Spaces and Places project.

From A to B and Back Again was a group development project curated by Sara d’Alessandro in which three artists, Lucy Irvine, Clare Thackway and Peter Vandermark, and three different communities of Tuggeranong, the Knitters ‘n’ Knatters knitting group, the Men’s Shed, and the gamers meeting at ThreeD6. The project concluded with a public exhibition in the Arts Centre’s shopfront at the Tuggeranong Hyperdome. The opening was particularly well visited with plans being forged for a new project in 2017.

Laneway Street Art Festival in Tuggeranong

In December 2016 the Messengers Program was able to invite a prolific international graffiti writer to Canberra for a week to work with young Indigenous high school students on a mural in West-Belconnen and mentor Canberra based artists Smalls and Brett Carpenter. Having access to such a renowned artist, TAC decided to stage a local event that would showcase and share the skills of the artist, as well as bring the community together in an unusual space.

A small urban arts festival in the Laneway precinct of Tuggeranong was organised.

The event aimed to attract young people and families. It offered graffiti writing opportunities with Mistery as well as music and performance by young locals.

Partners for the event were Ted Noff’s Street Uni, The Lion’s Club Tuggeranong and local graffiti writers, the Famui’s Family Band and other young local musicians.

Approximately 200 people attended the event and the graffiti writing was very popular as well as the fruit sculpture-making and performances. The Space utilized is known for the difficult demographic it normally attracts and the aim of the event was to showcase how an urban space can be used creatively and engage a cross-section of the community.

Feedback from the community and involved partners was positive and encouraging and highlighted the need for more creative community activity in easily accessible urban outdoor spaces. Once the current upgrades of the laneway space have been completed further arts activity is planned for this area.